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Mediator, Child Coordinator and Facilitator Serving Families in Harris County, Fort Bend County, and Montgomery County

At Foray Family Mediation, we believe that not all divorce and family law disputes must involve aggressive, costly litigation or combative arguments. When your family is going through a difficult transition, the best resolutions often come from collaboration, compromise, and consideration of the needs of everyone involved, especially couples and their children. Our work is informed by nearly 15 years of experience practicing divorce and family law, but we strive to provide mediation as an alternative to litigation that gives Houston families more privacy, control, and an environment that encourages amicable cooperation.

We serve families of all types and backgrounds, including African-American, multinational, and LGBTQ families. We offer you compassion that comes from personal experience with divorce, and understanding for your unique situation and experiences. Our goal through mediation is to listen carefully to each person's perspective and provide guidance that keeps discussions constructive and leads to an agreement that establishes the groundwork for the best possible future for everyone. We also provide child coordinator and facilitator services to settle disputes regarding existing parenting agreements to ensure that children continue to be well-supported and provided for by both parents.



Mediation is a means of resolving a legal dispute, like a divorce or other family law disagreement, in which an impartial mediator guides the involved parties through a collaborative deliberation and helps them reach a mutually agreeable solution. Mediation agreements are legally binding when approved by a judge and filed in court, but the mediation process offers families a more private alternative to litigation and more control over the terms of the agreement than if they were imposed by a judge or arbitrator.



In Texas divorce proceedings, mediation is often court-ordered, but divorcing couples can also choose to pursue voluntary mediation, which offers them the freedom to find a mediator whom they prefer. Mediation is a good option for couples who have come to a mutual decision to divorce and who are willing to cooperate and compromise for the good of each other and their children. On the other hand, in cases that are likely to be highly contested or that involve domestic abuse, litigation may be the only realistic option.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is mediation only for divorce?


Mediation can help resolve many common issues in a divorce, including division of assets, spousal support, child support, and child custody, but it can also be an option for other family law issues including paternity agreements, pre- and post-nuptial agreements, surrogacy agreements, and disputes between unmarried parents.

What are the benefits of mediation?


Mediation offers more privacy than litigation because it takes place between only the involved parties and the mediator rather than in front of a courtroom. It also gives families more control over the terms of the agreement, and it may be less costly and time-intensive than litigation if both parties are willing to cooperate.

Is mediation legally binding?


Mediation does not require the presence of a lawyer, and therefore the couple or involved parties have the ability to come to an agreement on their own terms with the guidance of an impartial mediator. However, once a mediated settlement agreement is reached, if it is signed by all parties and filed in court, it does become legally enforceable.

What if mediation cannot resolve my dispute?


In the course of mediation, it may become clear that it is not possible to resolve all or some of the disagreements involved, especially if one or more of the parties is refusing to cooperate. When this happens, it may be necessary for your case to proceed to litigation, in which a judge will rule on any unresolved terms.

What does a child coordinator and facilitator do?


Child coordinators are similar to mediators in that they provide confidential guidance on a legal dispute, but they focus specifically on helping parents follow a previously established parenting plan and resolve any disputes related to it. Child facilitators fulfill a similar role, but their services are not confidential, and they may be called to testify in court.

Masah Foray

Masah S. SamForay, Esq.

Masah SamForay founded Foray Family Mediation to empower Harris County families of all kinds to control their own futures through constructive, cooperative decision-making. She brings almost 15 years of experience as a licensed Illinois divorce and family law attorney to her Houston mediation practice, along with her own personal history as a divorced mother. This combination allows her to provide well-informed legal guidance in mediations on a range of issues while serving each of her clients with empathy and compassion.

Ms. SamForay is an involved member of her community, especially with organizations that support women, children, and underserved populations, and she has been recognized in the National Bar Association’s 40 Under 40 and the American Institute of Family Law Attorneys’ 10 Best Female Attorneys.


"She's passionate about kids and doing the right thing"

I have two children, a seven year-old daughter and a nine year-old son. The case I had was a visitation and custody case in Will County. When I hired Masah, she was able to get my kids and secure them immediately with an order of protection because my kids' mother was keeping them and hiding them from me. What I wanted was to make sure that I make the primary decision for them as far as school, healthcare and extra-curriculars. And I wanted to make sure that they had certain standards and the lifestyle I envisioned for them, and my dreams came true in a short period of time. My kids live with me and have the same school and friends. Masah gets things done quickly, she's very aggressive and made sure that every court date mattered.

"I just can't thank her enough"

My daughter kept coming home from visitation with her father, saying that he was drinking and physically abusing his new girlfriend. And he was violent with me when we were together. It got to the point that she would cry every time she went over there. I didn't know what to do. Attorney Masah helped me and she fought really hard for me and my daughter. In the end my ex ended up with no visitation for a while and then he ended up with supervised visitation. My daughter was put in counseling and she's doing much better.

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