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You can use mediation to settle disputes in almost any area of Texas family law. Whether you and your spouse are divorcing, or you and your partner were never married and need to determine how to care for your children after your separation, you can create the terms of your child custody, parenting time, and child support payments with the help of a mediator.

How Do I Come to an Agreement on Child Custody in Fort Bend County?

There are many aspects of conservatorship, or child custody, that you must settle in Texas, and if you fail to agree on all of the critical issues, you will have to litigate those issues in front of a judge. However, if you and your spouse or partner voluntarily mediate and come to your sessions with an open mind and cooperative spirit, you could set terms that satisfy both of you.

When determining child custody in court, a judge considers:

  • Your child's wishes;
  • Present and future emotional and physical needs of your child;
  • Present or future dangers to your child;
  • Each parent's parenting abilities;
  • The plans each of you has for your child;
  • The stability of either of your homes; and
  • Anything that a judge may see as parental unfitness on your or your spouse's part.

With that information, a judge will pass a ruling that may not consider any unique circumstances or wishes in your family. When you resolve this conflict through mediation, you and your spouse have the opportunity to agree on what is in your child's best interests and how you can both play a key role in your child's life. If you already have a preference for joint custody, or if you are willing to determine which of you should have legal or physical custody of your child to serve their best interests, you have a greater chance of success in mediation.

How Do I Discuss Child Support Payments With My Ex-Spouse?

Every couple's financial situation is different, and it is up to you and your spouse to consider how you can leverage your finances to provide the best care for your child. Often, when you set the terms of child support through litigation, one parent might not be happy with the arrangement. Over time, this could result in a refusal or inability to pay, which could jeopardize a child's well-being. If you and your spouse compromise and find a child support solution that is agreeable to both of you and also considers your child's welfare, the parent making the child support payments might have a greater acceptance of and ability to do so.

How Can I Establish Parenting Time Through Mediation?

If either you or your spouse takes primary custody, you must set the terms for the other parent's right to parenting time, commonly referred to as visitation. In Texas, judges refer to visitation as "possession and access." In court, a judge's decision might prevent the non-custodial parent from having as significant a role in the child's life as one or both spouses want. Fortunately, mediation allows for more flexibility in the terms and design of your parenting time or visitation plan.

Contact a Cypress Family Law Mediator

When you and your spouse choose to mediate to settle a divorce or family law dispute, you are taking a step towards forming fruitful compromises that you might not reach through litigation. However, to bolster your chances of a successful mediation, it is essential to choose a trustworthy and dedicated mediator. Masah S. SamForay, Esq., will use her over 15 years of experience and her empathy to help you resolve any disputes you have with your partner or spouse. Contact Foray Family Mediation, LLC at 346-241-1999. We serve clients throughout the Houston area, including Harris County, Fort Bend County, Montgomery County, Sugarland, Pasadena, Katy, Richmond, Conroe, and The Woodlands.

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