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What are Parenting Coordinators and Parenting Facilitators in Houston?

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Harris County Parenting Coordinators and Facilitators

Parenting coordinators and parenting facilitators help divorced couples abide by their parenting plan and settle disagreements in order to make joint decisions that benefit their children. Parenting coordinators and facilitators, like divorce mediators, can be enlisted by co-parents voluntarily or be assigned by a court.

Unlike a mediator, parenting coordinators and facilitators try to work within established terms and agreements to find solutions, not change a court's ruling on conservatorship, possession, or child support. Texas is one of only a few states to use parenting coordinators. It is also unique in that it offers the additional option of working with a parenting facilitator.

What Are the Differences Between Parenting Coordinators and Facilitators in Pasadena?

Parenting coordinators confidentially help co-parents settle parenting disputes. When parents have multiple ongoing disagreements and are not sure how to compromise, coordinators help identify the issues at hand, try to provide clarity to both parents, and explore different ways in which the parents can solve their problems.

Even though parenting coordinators work with parents confidentially, they are allowed to provide simple reports to the court that assigned them regarding whether or not they believe that the parents can benefit from their continued involvement.

Unlike a parenting coordinator, a parenting facilitator is allowed to testify in court, and they must maintain detailed logs of the co-parents' sessions so that either parent's attorney can use the information in court. Facilitators have an expanded ability to encourage a court to modify any of the court orders that govern a split couple's plan for conservatorship, possession and access, and support.

Who Is Best for My Parenting Dispute - A Parenting Coordinator or a Parenting Facilitator?

Sometimes, split couples seek the help of parenting coordinators or facilitators as another form of mediation to solve problems after their divorce. Even if a court requires you and your ex-spouse to enlist the help of a parenting coordinator or facilitator, you can still look for a parenting coordinator who you and your ex would like to work with and request that the court allow you to work with them.

Choose a parenting coordinator if you would prefer the confidentiality that they offer you. Your former spouse's attorney cannot use any conversations you have in a meeting with a coordinator against you in court.

The main reason to choose a parenting facilitator is if your relationship with the other parent is contentious enough that you anticipate needing a third party who has worked closely with both of you to testify in court in the future.

What Kinds of Issues Can Parenting Coordinators and Facilitators Help Me With?

Parenting coordinators and facilitators can help settle a variety of disputes between co-parents. For example, if you and your ex retain joint custody of your child, you each are allowed to make decisions about your child's life. What religion they practice, what school they go to, and what extracurricular activities they are involved in are just a few of the big decisions you and your ex may be trying to make for your child. Naturally, split parents often disagree on these matters, and a parenting coordinator or facilitator can mediate and help you discuss how to solve the problem. Just as with divorce or family law mediation sessions, it is crucial to put your child's interests before your own to make productive and thoughtful compromises with the other parent.

Contact a Ft. Bend County Parenting Coordinator and Facilitator

When you are searching for a parenting coordinator or facilitator to help you settle disputes within your parenting plan, consider Masah S. SamForay, Esq. Her commitment to guiding couples through strife and the 15 years of experience that she has in family law will increase your chances of success. Contact Foray Family Mediation, LLC today at 346-241-1999. We provide coordinator and facilitator services to clients in Houston, Richmond, Conroe, Cypress, Katy, Bayton, Spring, Pearland, and throughout Harris, Fort Bend, and Montgomery County.

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